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Rolinha Kross live

  • Rolinha with the Heinrich Heine project
  • Rolinha Kross sings " Zug es mir nokh a mol" in "De Eerste van Bram" together with the Amersfoorts Youth Orchestra (AJO) and the Klezmerband Mazzeltov on januari the 16th 2012, Theatre Vredenburg in Utrecht
  • Rolinha Kross performing at DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam (April 2011). Recorded byHumorTV24.
  • Rolinha Kross & Harold Berghuis (Unplugged) - Performance for a small audience on a special event for the Yiddish Foundation in the Netherlands on May the 15th, 2011. Rolinha sings "Ikh Vel Dikh Nisht Oyfvekn" (I Shall Not Arouse You From Sleep).
  • Rolinha Kross & The Skyline Orchestra: Live Jazz Medley. In June 2010 Rolinha Kross performed in a live show with a contemporary jazz repertoire.
  • Live performance of the Rolinha Kross Quartet (April 2010, church concert Texel) with: Jelle van Tongeren (violin), Harold Berghuis (guitar) and Jet Stevens (bass). Rolinha sings Ritme van de nacht (Rhythm of the Night).
  • Recording of a concert that Mazzeltov and Magogo gave on October 29, 2009. Rolinha sings Amsterdam huilt, a famous Dutch song by Kees Manders.
  • Concert of Mazzeltov and Magogo on Oktober 29, 2009. Rolinha sings Irme Kero.
  • Recording of a performance at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in 2008 of Mazzeltov. Rolinha sings Awek, Awek, Awek, a Yiddish version of Opzij, Opzij, Opzij, a popular Dutch song by Herman van Veen.