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Rolinha Kross

Rolinha Kross belongs to the top of the Dutch interpreters of Eastern European and Yiddish songs. For many years she performed at all major Dutch and international venues for world music.

Her style is a fusion of jazz, Balkan and Yiddish music, Klezjazz: a cross-over of styles that are connected to her own cultural background.

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Rolinha is a versatile singer, over the years she has mastered many genres, from musicals to jazz-standards and from flamenco to French chansons. She loves improvisation and leaps like to musical challenges.

"It is Rolinha Kross with her lovely voice and her charisma who determines the atmosphere." - De Stentor

"Rolinha Kross has developed into a singer of class. Her voice is energetic, flawless, extrovert as her companions immerse into exuberance, and velvety soft and sensual in the intimate passages." - de Volkskrant

"Rolinha Kross is one bundle of enthusiasm with a warm charisma. She carried the show from beginning to end with her natural performance." - Zing Magazine


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