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The Heinrich Heine Project

On the basis of the idea from Wieland Eggermont have Rolinha Kross en Bokkie Vink made a literary representation about the life of Heinrich Heine.
They each have made out of their own expertise beautiful compositions and have given a special meaning to this literary representation. Not only his work, but also Heine himself is played like he was. A fascinating informative presentation that takes you into the time when Heine lived. Visit the website of this project.


Are you looking for live music for a party or event (eg wedding, anniversary or office party). Rolinha performs live with musicians in various ensembles (from duo to a larger composition).


Rolinha regularly gives singing workshops. This can vary from Yiddish songs to Jazz or Dutch music. Key to this is to cross the threshold of singing solo and she will be working on the specific requirements that the genre imposes on the performance. These workshops are held on request for smaller or larger groups.


Get into contact via the contactform.


Mazzeltov & Rolinha Kross

Mazzeltov & Rolinha Kross

Since 2002 Rolinha has performed with the Klezmer Band Mazzeltov with whom she recorded 4 albums. Mazzeltov has made theater tours, both nationally and internationally, for more then 10 years, with singer Rolinha Kross as leading lady. With her warm voice and forthright character she surprises the audience. The performances in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw are a regular highlight for the group.

More information available on the site of Mazzeltov